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PwC Sky Sign

Difficult Access Capabilities

Signdraft have undertaken many projects with the requirement of difficult access.

From the simple Building Maintenance units (BMU - Window Cleaning machines) to Industrial 2 Rope Access, Temporary builder's swinging stages, Scaffold, And all manner of other access systems,

Signdraft Staff can get to your job and complete it with the highest levels of safety.

Signdraft have been tasked to perform some of the most high risk, and high profile jobs that involve difficult access techniques including

Helicopter installation of WESTFIELD Signage to Centrepoint Tower Sydney - Including Rope Access installation

Rope Access Preparation works

Helicopter Installation Works

Helicopter Installation Works

Drop Scaffold Works at Darling park Tower 1 to remove IBM and install Commonwealth Bank

Installing the Scaff by 2 Rope Access

The Scaffold being finished